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Your party is guaranteed to be a hit if you put Harmony Entertainment DJ in charge of the music. If you want your guests to get out of their seats, have fun, dance, and bring down the house, then you want us to be at your next event. From weddings, birthday parties or business events, we know how to throw a party. Contact us to discuss your upcoming special event.

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Experienced, Talented DJ in the Tucson Area

When I moved to Tucson from New Jersey with four of my brothers, playing in a rock band, I never thought for a second I would ever be a DJ. However, all those years on stage made it an easy transition. Being in the band gave me the ability to speak on a microphone, and read a crowd very well! It also taught me to interact with a crowd, to keep them interested!

Now, after fourteen years as a DJ/MC, performing just about every weekend of the year, I am still humbled to be a part of someone’s event, and never get tired of having a great time with them and their guests! It is true that practice does make perfect, and being able to perform every week, sometimes five days in a row, has kept my skills sharp! It is so important when performing at an event to communicate with the client before and during the event, as well as the other vendors involved. This will ensure a well orchestrated and smooth event every time! I look forward to making your event fun and memorable as well!

Your DJ for All Occasions

Harmony Entertainment DJ specializes in providing music for the following types of events:


Weddings are always my favorite! I love hearing the story of how and when a bride and groom met! No two stories are ever the same! To be able to be a part of such an historic day is quite humbling. I not only get to help make their wedding fun, but I always make a friend. That never gets old! I believe I get good reviews consistently because I genuinely care about my clients and their vision. I also love to give them helpful advice when they need it, and I always appreciate their smiles at the end of the night, because I earned their trust, and took great care of them and their guests! I believe a big part of being great at what you do in life, is loving what you do, and I love being a DJ! I love the music, I love the laughter and the tears (of joy), but mostly I love the people! One of my favorite things about a wedding is actually after the wedding. When I run into a bride and/or groom at a local establishment, and they approach me to say hi, and remind me of what a great time they had. That too, never gets old! With over 1,000 weddings and counting, I hope to hear your story, and take great care of you!

Private Parties

Birthdays and anniversaries are always a happy occasion, and I can create the right mood with my music selection!

Company Parties

When it comes to corporate events, what separates an inexperienced DJ from a professional DJ, is asking the right questions! When you receive the initial email or phone call with date and time, that is just the beginning! It is important to find out who the main contact is, or if there is more than one contact running the event. Then together, it’s time to start creating a timeline that runs smoothly and makes sense! It’s important to know what other activities will take place outside of playing music for cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing. Will there be any specific speakers, or does the DJ just make general announcements? Will there be prizes handed out through a drawing? Will there be awards given, and if so, how many recipients, and would they need special music played for each recipient? If it is a Salsa Challenge or Chili Cook-off, how many guests will participate, so it can be determined how much time is needed to complete the event. Whether it is as simple as making general announcements, or being the MC for a special event, I take pride in asking the right questions, and taking those answers to form a well organized timeline. Corporate events are always fun, as they should be!

What Others Say

Linda T

I am a lil bit OCD about schedule and I had built a very tight one and full of event for our wedding. I was scared the DJ/MC wouldn't get it through as we planned but Rashid was doing every single of them perfectly. As the MC, he could bring the situation to be more enjoyable and interesting all the time. He could read the situation and guests, when they feel bored already and try to bring the hype up again. As the DJ? That's not questionable. He was great. He paid attention to what we like and dislike. Also, we used couple of traditional song and he could pull all of them through. He could read when the dance floor needs a kick and when it's time for slow romantic dance. Had soooo much fun. Couldn't ask for more of perfect night.

Melissa G

We chose Rashid from Harmony Entertainment because he seemed like a lot of fun! He asked us a lot of questions about what types of music we prefered so he could get it right and he definitely paid attention to our "Do Not Play" list. But more than that, he kept our reception on schedule and running like clock-work! We worked out a schedule together so that we knew exactly what was going to happen when and he made me feel comfortable and stress-free the whole time! He was also very personable and we got a LOT of compliments from family and friends after the fact.

Brittany R

Rashid is fun and very professional! We booked him over a year in advanced and he was almost all booked up, so call him as soon as possible! The day of he knew exactly what was going on and let us know everything he was going to do. He was super accommodating to the guest and their music requests. His prices are very fair and he is exceptional at what he does. You can't go wrong with Harmony Entertainment!

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Your Questions, My Answers

Here you will find a list of some of the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not among them, just contact me using the Contact Form.

We are planning a wedding and need a music selection that appeals to people of all ages. Can you do that?

No problem. You have no idea how many songs there are that grandchildren and grandparents both know. I have hundreds of them in my playlists.

What kinds of events do you do?

I can do all kinds of parties and it is my job to get people to dance. Since I love all kinds of music, I can provide music for any kind of event (including background music).

What kind of equipment do you provide? Do we have to provide anything else?

Usually, I provide 2 boxes, 2 CD players, one computer, one microphone and some lighting. That is usually enough for parties. If you have any special requests, I can provide or lease additional equipment, but please be sure to mention that when we plan the party.

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